Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spirit's Dance

We dance upon this Earth
in many forms

We are Body,
smell, taste, touch and see

We are Mind,
imagine, think, test, and retrieve

We are Soul,
wild, eternal, force, and believe

We can connect the dots
We can shape our world
we can dance in all forms

With our bodies
hand in hand
With our minds
across the land and across the sea
even in the land of dreams
With our Soul
forever energy knows
how we danced before


  1. Beautiful images within this lovely poem - thank you for sharing it with me ♥

  2. we dance together
    we dance forever end
    we dance in pure joy

    i love you, June
    thank you for sharing your magic <3

  3. touched and touching
    words, music, dance
    shared upon this path
    thankyou for you
    thankyou for finding me

  4. Dancing to connect to dots - I like it! A true poet just as Dani said... I look forward to reading as often as possible! Have a great day Ms.!

  5. great nature poetry here.well done .
    I love nature poems.

  6. Ow June this is amazing and so uplifting!
    You are a free spirit and I love you for it!