Tuesday, October 19, 2010


In her I swam
tethered , floating
in an unseen sea.
All she ate
and thought
were fed to me
until the day
she set me free.
Entangled we were.
It took years to see
the fears,
the anger,
the longings
were hers.
Fed to me,
when I floated
in her sea.
For years
with feet on dry land
I sat and contemplated
that sea,
and all it had meant to me.
After years of melancholy chasing me
I realized it was up to me,
to stop looking at the sadness
and to follow the joy
and roll in the wonders that brought me here
and reflect that back out
so that wherever she may be
she may feel that wave of joy.
I now experience extra just for her !

I was born 7 th of 8  and  my mom had 6 children all in a row, 2 even in the same year... so after 3 years of having no children she thought she was done....and then I came along....and changed things.