Sunday, April 25, 2010

Haiku to Love

Breathlessly I wait

for your presence to draw near

with an open heart

Leaving peace within

to shine loves light to the world

so that you can see

My eyes pull you near

to bask in the glow that burns

for me in your heart

Jealousy and lust

imagined fears and mistrusts

my heart can not hold

"To be healed never"

speak not those words !, Love needs you

heal your heart with love

It will explode now

with a cascade of wonder

all is right with life

I will sing today

walking hand in hand with love

no more lonely nights

Music all around.

from earth to sky and back down

loves symphony plays

Greeting the sunrise

love, with you in both our hearts

ectasy unbound

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Singing to the Moon

Marevelous Moon
pulls me through
the connections of the Earth

Wonderful Moon
shines reflected sunshine
deep into my soul

Sensational Moon
rising in the sky
lifing me with it

Outstanding Moon
showing me the way home
illuminating the night

I look to the sky, I dream of space, I feel the pull, and love the light to shine upon my face.
To walk and watch my moonshadow stretch out before me, causeing me to sing.. the song we all know
"I'm being followed by a moon shadow"
How something that looks so small high in the sky, can look so big at the edge of the sky, fills my mind with wonder.  Pushing and pulling...the effect of the moon on all life.... blows me away

The Moon and I are friends

Monday, April 19, 2010

Love In The Palm Of My Hand

Open to the wonders
accepting of the magic
calling to the Love
that is out there for me
in my recieving hand
love dropped by
in a succulant morsell of sun kissed joy.
I ate this wonderful offering
felt the love that the sun placed there
just for me, to find, and  to see.
It filled me with it's sweetness
I savoured it's juice
and with every bite I
shared it with you my love
where ever you may be.
May an aroma of strawberry
come out of nowhere
and fill your senses
and fill you with love's glow.

Plump and ripe I am~accepting your offering~from the universe

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Waves To Love

love, drink from my cup / brace yourself for the heart rush / I am a wild soul

bring on the wonders / dont' worry about falling / it is required

whistle with ectasy / the distance does not exist / the lilt of your love

touch me with your love / feed my mind with you wonder / tomorrow starts today

waiting for you love / rigously I opened / my strength holds the door

pulled to loves waving ~I twirl myself towards you ~what will be will be

flowing on the wind~across the land and the sea~your wave draws me in 

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spirit's Dance

We dance upon this Earth
in many forms

We are Body,
smell, taste, touch and see

We are Mind,
imagine, think, test, and retrieve

We are Soul,
wild, eternal, force, and believe

We can connect the dots
We can shape our world
we can dance in all forms

With our bodies
hand in hand
With our minds
across the land and across the sea
even in the land of dreams
With our Soul
forever energy knows
how we danced before