Monday, April 19, 2010

Love In The Palm Of My Hand

Open to the wonders
accepting of the magic
calling to the Love
that is out there for me
in my recieving hand
love dropped by
in a succulant morsell of sun kissed joy.
I ate this wonderful offering
felt the love that the sun placed there
just for me, to find, and  to see.
It filled me with it's sweetness
I savoured it's juice
and with every bite I
shared it with you my love
where ever you may be.
May an aroma of strawberry
come out of nowhere
and fill your senses
and fill you with love's glow.

Plump and ripe I am~accepting your offering~from the universe


  1. Oooh! I love that! "Plump and ripe I am~accepting your offering~from the universe"

    how sweet early strawberries taste
    as new love is always sweetest
    but given a chance
    it becomes so much richer
    better than chocolate, even

    much love. many hugs. dani

  2. This is so sweet and beautiful... If you only knew how many times I had smelled a flower or beautiful rose or pepper tree in great hopes that the lady I loved so far away would know what my heart had sent her... Lovely June... Simply lovely...