Thursday, April 22, 2010

Singing to the Moon

Marevelous Moon
pulls me through
the connections of the Earth

Wonderful Moon
shines reflected sunshine
deep into my soul

Sensational Moon
rising in the sky
lifing me with it

Outstanding Moon
showing me the way home
illuminating the night

I look to the sky, I dream of space, I feel the pull, and love the light to shine upon my face.
To walk and watch my moonshadow stretch out before me, causeing me to sing.. the song we all know
"I'm being followed by a moon shadow"
How something that looks so small high in the sky, can look so big at the edge of the sky, fills my mind with wonder.  Pushing and pulling...the effect of the moon on all life.... blows me away

The Moon and I are friends


  1. to be friends with the moon
    is to know a special joy
    to be friends with you though, June,
    is a joy beyond compare

    beautiful words from most beautiful you!
    I love you and adore you and
    am most grateful for your friendship.
    always yours, dani #SHF&E

  2. Wow!!! Junie, this is fantastic! The first bit with its traditional structure and beautifully written I might add, and then the end! Wow! Absolutely incredible and I felt as though I were there. I do so delight in your poetry...


    it is time for week 16 Thursday Poets Rally,
    let me know if you wish to be a participant!
    thank you.
    you are represented a one of those fresh poet.

  4. i am constantly going back to the moon for inspiration and she never fails does she

    nicely done my moon friend

  5. I love this! Oh, how I love the moon especially when it is full. It is such a magical thing and you describe its essence perfectly!