Sunday, April 18, 2010

Waves To Love

love, drink from my cup / brace yourself for the heart rush / I am a wild soul

bring on the wonders / dont' worry about falling / it is required

whistle with ectasy / the distance does not exist / the lilt of your love

touch me with your love / feed my mind with you wonder / tomorrow starts today

waiting for you love / rigously I opened / my strength holds the door

pulled to loves waving ~I twirl myself towards you ~what will be will be

flowing on the wind~across the land and the sea~your wave draws me in 


  1. I love it June!!! Wonderful and what a great picture!!! I must have been really lucky because I was just about to write a post and was going to give them another of your poems when I clicked on your home page to get the link and voila! A masterpiece was found...

    The way you write about love certainly does take ones heart even deeper than any sea... Fantastic piece Ms., simply awesome!

  2. I love this, Junie ~ "love, drink from my cup" ~ your words, as always, are truly magical. No distance can keep two hearts, two souls, apart when love draws them together. Beautiful, dearheart. *much love and hugs* dani

  3. thank you... I am calling love to me,
    letting it find me.
    I use to write about the loneliness of love
    but my life has soo much love it's not funny, everywhere I look there is love, it may not be the love of the 'one' for whom I search, but love flows all around for me. Thank you for flowing more of it :)