Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Flower

Here's my flower
   that I give to thee
watch it bloom
   in your sunshine
and close gently
   around your night
with your love
   as it's light.
I blossom always, yes
   life is like that
I will fade some day, yes
   death is like that
but with your love
   as my sun
with your comfort
  as my night
there is no end
  to love
it will just continue to grow
thankyou my love

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just Be Love

be the rain that flows upon me

be the flower I stop to smell

be the wind that blows through me

be the wonder that stops my mind

reach my soul with your soul

use your words to wrap me

to hold me to show me

the wonders that I find in you

together we shall dream

together we shall explore

today and tomorrow

on loves wonderful shore

I feel your wonder coming

I feel the flowing of your wave

I stop and listen to the wind

and let it guide me straight to you

Monday, May 3, 2010

Walking With Love

                                                             come walk with me love
                                                        we'll make the path we walk on
                                                             so come, lets  hold  hands
                                                                off we go exploring life
                                                             together  body, mind , soul
                                                                 I can not see 'next'                   
                                                         but with your love holding mine
                                                                in the here and now
                                                            the when and how will allow
                                                      our souls deepest dreams come true

     my heart opened to yours
     if can never close..
     soul knows soul

                                                                                                             In my hand....my heart
                                                                                                             In my heart....my love

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Growing Old Together

for the past 20 years
I have watched them grow
they are much older than me
and most everyone I know

they started as two seperate saplings
stretching towards the sun
pushing up into the sky
at some point the grew into eachother

if you look very hard you will see
two distinct trees
but neither would have survived all this time
without the other

entangled, supported, melded now one
they are starting to fade
but they still push forth into the sky
with every ounce of energy they have

Love let us be like the trees
grow and support
and meld into one
entangle our eneries as one forever