Monday, May 3, 2010

Walking With Love

                                                             come walk with me love
                                                        we'll make the path we walk on
                                                             so come, lets  hold  hands
                                                                off we go exploring life
                                                             together  body, mind , soul
                                                                 I can not see 'next'                   
                                                         but with your love holding mine
                                                                in the here and now
                                                            the when and how will allow
                                                      our souls deepest dreams come true

     my heart opened to yours
     if can never close..
     soul knows soul

                                                                                                             In my heart
                                                                                                             In my love


  1. Oh June, as always your words are delicious! Your words sweet and perfect; a tug on the heart strings to say the least...

    Beautiful work Ms. ...

  2. So amazingly beautiful. Made me cry.

  3. hand in hand
    heart to heart
    soul reflecting soul
    love weaves through all

    Love you! dani

  4. Hand in hand
    We walk
    Vistas open before us
    New sights to see
    New worlds to explore

    The unknown
    Is just around
    The next turn

    Soul in Soul
    We step out
    Along the path

    Soul in Soul

  5. your words sing such wonders
    thank you
    I'm glad my words moved you :)

    walking forward to love
    with love
    as love
    the only way to be
    love can not find you
    if you are not
    vibrating to it's tune
    sing your song
    sing it loud :)