Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Flower

Here's my flower
   that I give to thee
watch it bloom
   in your sunshine
and close gently
   around your night
with your love
   as it's light.
I blossom always, yes
   life is like that
I will fade some day, yes
   death is like that
but with your love
   as my sun
with your comfort
  as my night
there is no end
  to love
it will just continue to grow
thankyou my love


  1. I read your words, fully intended to scribe an answer in verse form but as I continued to read and re-read, I realised that anything I wrote would be superfluous - you have said all that needs be spoken.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful words ♥

  2. "there is no end to love"
    perfection, Junie!
    and no end to my love for you! #SHF&E&E <3

  3. Dani... miss you in the stream..
    but feel your energy all around

  4. Simply marvellous Junie!!! I love those flowers... I have some around here and I find that they like the sunshine more than the rain - perhaps a bit like love.

    As always, you speak of love as an expert and your words sculpt its very essence... Absolutely lovely Ms. ...

    Have a beautiful and loving day!

  5. Nice poem, it is the essence of life. Many are worried about the death but miss the endless opportunities in life.