Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Moon

The March Moon Full bloom~sun's reflection through the trees~captures buds in bloom #haiku to the Moon

              I am the Moon,
              the moon is me,
              reflecting in the night.
              in the sky.
              the light absorbed
              from the wonder
              that floats by.
              You are the sparkle
               that lights my night
               and follows me
               into the day.
               You pull
                me to you.
                I glow with glee
                you look
                at me.


  1. Beautiful, Moon shine
    glowing bright in all our lives
    Love sparkles in you

    Thank you for sharing
    with me ♥

  2. the moonlight is but
    a reflection of your glow
    the sparkles are the smiles
    in response to your glee
    for when you look at us
    we feel the same as you
    when we look at you

    the love
    the life
    the glow
    the light
    the smiles
    the glee
    travel through us all
    because of your generousity

    heart <3 to heart <3 to heart <3 to heart <3
    the circle is complete

    You are my heart <3 #SHF&E&E

    Thank you for the lovely haiku and beauriful poem.

  3. So very sweet, yes you definitely need to stop by by One Stop with your wonderful writing talents !!! =)) ~April