Monday, August 3, 2009

WorldShift Network ::: State of Global Emergency Declaration Publish

WorldState of Global Emergency Declaration - ENDORSE NOW!Shift Network ::: State of Global Emergency Declaration Publish


a four letter word...
that has been over used, misused, and not used enough
love is a vibration
love is an emotion
love is you
love is me
love is free
and like guns don't kill people
love doesn't hurt...people do is not Love
Love only vibrates
Love only is
Love is a wave
t has not arms to hold or hurt
just photons of light
we blame it
we shame it
we forget the most important share it
love loves through us
it knows not and cares not
it just is..let is flow through you and feel it
and let it show you how to vibrate like it
you can follow love
but your can't hold it
you can radiate it
you can live in it
but it has no walls
it can not be contained
but it can be shared
feel it, live it, be it, and most important share it
love love

Sunday, August 2, 2009


We all radiate our energy to the Universe some of us are more aware of this energy and how is affects the life around us. Even as a child I was aware of the energy coming off of me..but at the time I just thought it was heat. My sisters were all draw to cuddling next to me, stealing my heat I always said, but now I see it in such a different light. People in general have always been drawn to me, as a child, as an adolescent, and even today complete strangers go out of their way to talk to me in grocery stores, even take stuff out of my cart and want to discuss what I'm buying. My clients at the clinic tell me more deeply personal things than any other staff member, because they feel they can. So sharing energy comes easy to me, which is why I'm really great at what I do. I get to give and get such huge chunks of energy from people and their pets. In my line of work people radiate their trust and thanks at me daily, and I in turn radiate that joy of their trust back at them It is a wonderful loop that has been going for 28 years. Our energies touch each other all the time, you affect me, I affect you, and when we come together something fabulous happens when we stay focused on our abilities and not see our differences. Constantly at the clinic if I think of someone, person or animal, within a short period of time they will call or drop by. These radiated waves of energy are felt by me everywhere and I send my energy out on these catch a wave...send me a wave...and I'll see you out there


We all have darkness and light

If we stare too long into the darkness

It becomes us and consumes us !

Look for the light and

Face the light

Allow it's rays to warm your skin

It's energy to warm your soul

You are NEVER alone

Close your eyes

Feel the web of Life, all Life

From the tiny to the grandest

From the visible to the microscopic

We are all connected !

Shine on