Sunday, August 2, 2009


We all have darkness and light

If we stare too long into the darkness

It becomes us and consumes us !

Look for the light and

Face the light

Allow it's rays to warm your skin

It's energy to warm your soul

You are NEVER alone

Close your eyes

Feel the web of Life, all Life

From the tiny to the grandest

From the visible to the microscopic

We are all connected !

Shine on

1 comment:

  1. Not that you've done it here (quite the contrary in fact), but people tend to use the word "light" rather lightly, no?

    I mean, we really hardly understand what photons are and what kind of a physiological / psychological effect they have on us. Thus, it's not so surprising that every ancient religion (including Christianity, based on pagan archetypes) was heliocentric at its core. The sun being the source of those life-nourishing photons.

    The only other thing I will add is that light isn't light without shadow. By the same token, Poets are incomplete without their AntiPoet brethren to provide some contrast.

    Good food for thought here!