Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just Be Love

be the rain that flows upon me

be the flower I stop to smell

be the wind that blows through me

be the wonder that stops my mind

reach my soul with your soul

use your words to wrap me

to hold me to show me

the wonders that I find in you

together we shall dream

together we shall explore

today and tomorrow

on loves wonderful shore

I feel your wonder coming

I feel the flowing of your wave

I stop and listen to the wind

and let it guide me straight to you


  1. Beautiful, evocative words
    Carried on the wind
    Held in the perfume
    Of a wild flower
    And in all the wonderful
    Places yet to be explored

    Lovely poem - thank you for sharing...♥

  2. exploring new places
    exploring each other
    finding the wonders
    of life, love and one another

    dearest Junie, you are wonderful and wonder-filled and i thank you for your words and your friendship. *much love* #SHF&E&E <3<3<3 dani

  3. I see I've been beat to the comments this time. I have to say June, this poem is at the top of my favourites...

    These words were pulled from my heart as I was reading - about half way through. Perhaps you, as the poet, know more about why they came to mind than I do - such is the affect of your sweet poems...

    and tomorrow
    and always...

    Thanks June...

  4. amazing....!
    happy thursday.. !
    take care ... !

  5. that is very elegant and beautiful.

    thank you

  6. Amazing poem, this is what every lover should do and there will be only bliss in love.