Sunday, April 25, 2010

Haiku to Love

Breathlessly I wait

for your presence to draw near

with an open heart

Leaving peace within

to shine loves light to the world

so that you can see

My eyes pull you near

to bask in the glow that burns

for me in your heart

Jealousy and lust

imagined fears and mistrusts

my heart can not hold

"To be healed never"

speak not those words !, Love needs you

heal your heart with love

It will explode now

with a cascade of wonder

all is right with life

I will sing today

walking hand in hand with love

no more lonely nights

Music all around.

from earth to sky and back down

loves symphony plays

Greeting the sunrise

love, with you in both our hearts

ectasy unbound


  1. I thought of writing a Haiku response but everything I came up with seemed to be a pale echo of the words you placed here, so I shall simply say...

    Thank you for sharing your words of love with me.

  2. I agree with Ainsley's sentiments ~ the beauty of your words is beyond my reach and I am deeply grateful that you share them. {btw~I follow your blogs as "foodie ffanatic" as that is my blogger account, just so you know, I follow you anywhere and every where.} I love you, Junie! *biggest hugs* Dani

  3. thank you both :)
    your words feed my soul
    deep waves of gratitude my friends

  4. exploding with a cascade of wonder...i like that. nicely done.

  5. I love your haiku love song



  6. You know what I love about your poetry Ms. June? It's always so enlightening, for lack of a better word. It always makes me feel as if my spirits have been lifted! You have a consistent thread about your words that is simply delightful...

    Have a great day June! Sorry it took me a couple of days to come by.

  7. Lovely images! Welcome to Jongle's Rally!

  8. awesome! x))
    that's really beautifull ^__^