Friday, July 10, 2009

the path to love

While on your pathway to meeting your true love, learn to love yourself the way you want someone to love you, because that person you’re going to meet is going to be a mirror of who you are inside.

I am:
words that fall from thought to form
they leave my mind and find their way to paper
here, there and everywhere.
Like the rain they must fall
like the sun they must shine
and like the moon they pull me
here, there and everywhere
to shine
like pieces of rainbows,
to reflect
the love of life
to all the people who
seek to live life as truth,
those who
are pieces of that rainbow.
I’m trying to put them back together.
Come home and
be healed, be whole.

Does the moon resonate to you?

Lets help each other.


  1. Now I must tell you, I have fallen madly in love with this poem. It really is just like that, it's the finding the words to let fall that can be tricky, at least for me. For you though June, are already an expert... I really do love this poem... Beautifully written and with so much thought and heart. That is what makes the poet a piece of poetry in the bigger picture.

    Have a super awesome day June!

  2. dear thisisme1234

    walking and thinking
    of energy
    as one
    the source of all life
    thoughts, feelings, rain upon the world
    some of us aware
    some still asleep
    some don't know how to look up
    but hopefully one day they will
    and they will find their way
    like we all have to
    love offers us a fast way
    to find the way to heal
    shared and shared alike
    we are all going to same place

    Thank you for your kind words..
    they help heal a little piece of me :)