Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I am Love
  bask in my glow

I am Happiness
  come play in my joy

I am energy
  come fell my frequency

Lets vibrate in the glow of love 
  and play in the joy of happiness

I'm exploring day to day life with my inner child, and loving every minute of it.

The smile is real, it has been a permasmile this past couple of months, I think I'm smiling in my sleep.  
Why?? because there are so many wonderful thngs in my day to day world, in this moment here and now that fill my heart with happiness.
The way the dogs are rolling on the floor, the upside down cat who looks at me from the top of the dresser, my fabulously wonderful cup of tea :)
The scent off the Peonies mixed with the roses blowing through my open window.
It drives we wild, waves of scents wash over me, and in my mind I can roll in a bed of flowers just from catching a scent on a breeze.
The way the plants grow through the cracks in the driveway...who am I to pull them up and thier right to life??
The little girl and boy across the street who built the dinosaur garden that fills me with such joy to look at, and daily on my walk I look at new additions...and I thank the parents for giving their children a way to express themselves in the front garden for the world to see...that makes me smile big time :)
The sun shines fabulously right now...but if it were raining...I'd be listening to the rain, feeling the energy that is in each droplet, seeing what water does, all the positive energy within it, thanking it for watering my garden. Standing in it to feel utterly alive .
The way my clients sense that I am more open and share so much more with me, they go out of ther way to connect with me on different levels, to tell me how important I am in their worlds.  

The end result is it is up to me how I feel...
I choose every moment how I will react
and what I will project into the universe.
once you realize ALL thoughts are waves that leave us
and travel out, like ripples on water
and you see how much negativity there is in the world
it leaves you with a choice.....
Do I want to add more bad thoughts to the world?
Do I want to be happy?
Then the answer is easy...
it takes commitment, and it gives you so much power.

I choose to be happy.... and I am
I choose to feel love...and I do
I love love and love loves me

I see pain...I just don't make it mine
I help where I can
I see anger and frustration
I just don't pick it up and let it inside of me

Happiness is a choice
so choose it for yourself

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