Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Love..a four letter word...that has been over used, misused, and not used enough

Colourful ~ brilliant ~ wonderful ~ touching ~ giving ~ believing #sixwords


Love colourful like us 


Love only vibrates

Love only is

Love is a wave

just photons of light

love loves through us

it knows not and cares not

it just is..

let is flow through you and feel it

and let it show you how to vibrate like it

you can follow love

but your can't hold it

you can radiate it

you can live in it

but it has no walls

it can not be contained

love doesn't hurt...people do that

it has not arms to hold or hurt...don't blame it on love!

we blame it

we shame it

we forget the most important thing....

feel it, live it, be it, and  most important share it

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